IMG_20170412_012856My name is Malvina and I have been for years fascinated by languages and cross-cultural communication. I have a Master’s degree in English Philology with a translation specialization. However, I am particularly interested in writing and teaching English as a second language and it is what I have been doing for over 10 years. I have worked as a freelance writer and an English trainer in Poland, China and now also in Portugal.

One of the reasons why I find it so interesting is the cultural diversity of people I work with – observing and learning how people from different cultural backgrounds communicate and express their ideas.

In fact, it is strongly connected to linguistic relativity – a fact that the language we speak affects our view of the world, determines our thoughts and feelings and influences our perception and experience of the things around us.

So many times while exchanging meanings of words or explaining certain cultural aspects from one language to another, we realize that the significant differences create a lack of right or direct equivalent and we come across what can be called cultural untranslatability which in turn leads to a loss of many things we think or feel that we want to transmit.

I believe that the idea of this linguistic phenomenon can be, in a way, transferred to our daily life… So many times we see things, visit places, observe people, embrace the moments, most of the time all of us differently, but almost each time our thoughts and feelings are very difficult to explain and in the end they vanish quickly.

And this is what inspires me, in my work and in my travels – people, seeking new feelings and new thoughts – new sensations of who we are in different places. Trying to catch the thoughts and unspoken words – grasp and name what gets lost not only in translation but between the lines of the places we see and the things we feel.


  • Content writer for:
Senses Entertainment, Los Angeles, USA


  • Linguistic assistance to:
Typical Apartments, Lisbon, Portugal
Serra de Arga Mountain Guest House, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Descubra Minho, Viana do Castelo, Portugal