Tiffany’s Girl

“I don’t want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together. I’m not sure where that is but I know what it is like. It’s like Tiffany’s.”


There has always been this type of girls… no matter where and what year we live in.

Smart, clever, stupid girls who call themselves independent but can’t even put a simple dish together, who play strong and pretend to have life under control.

Girls who are constantly broke, have nothing in the fridge but wine, who simply refuse to have a sense of reality, always late, whose time doesn’t have rules. Yet, always up to date about everything that’s happening around, well dressed and elegant never leaving home without perfume, lipstick, the right accessories and fancy black sunglasses that might as well be their naive way of hiding from the world, not looking at what they don’t want to see.

Girls, who get drunk and absolutely miserable because of one wrong word they might hear from a man, because they are just so weak. Obviously, they won’t ever admit it and the next day will pretend to be fine confidently keeping their heads up.

Girls who are too tough, too stubborn and too proud, who smoke too much and drink too much – innocent sweet rebels who claim they can’t read an important message without putting a lipstick on first. And maybe it’s indeed who they are, but at the same time it’s just a mask they poorly try to wear not to show how sensitive and fragile their hearts are because they are so easy to break.

Girls who live in a messy apartment, with no furniture, not really being aware of where they have pretty much anything and not actually caring to organize or own anything other than a nameless cat believing that not even a pet can really belong to us but… who deeply dream of being loved and longed for.

Girls who are hopeless romantics and carry so many feelings inside but are afraid of love and pretend to believe it simply doesn’t exist, who prefer to reject the idea of loving, being loved and belonging to someone and treat “I love you” as a compliment.

Girls who are afraid of attachment believing that anyone who gets used to something might as well be dead.

Girls who call themselves wild and free but their freedom is nothing but a cage where they constantly keep running into themselves, their fears and insecurities.

Girls who run away to Tiffany’s to feel good – where the quietness and the shiny, sophisticated and proud look of the place makes them feel safe… makes them feel as if they belong somewhere… makes them feel like home.

The only place where they feel calm and complete and can dream their girlish dreams – as finding a real-life place that would make them feel like Tiffany’s – a place for which it would be worth to buy furniture and where a cat would finally deserve a name.

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