On the western edge of Europe “where the land ends and see begins” there is a place where the air carries scent of nostalgia. A place whose nature remained untouched and time has stopped as if God has just created it. A place which is full of color and where the sun shines all year round. There is a place of friendly and hospitable people, a place of extreme contrast whose diversity is one of its greatest treasures. A place of great travelers and explorers whose spirit is still present in fairy tales – like palaces and enchanted areas…
Portugal – a country that needs to be deeply explored to be understood. But you can only get to know it through its past. Portugal lives its own almost forgotten life and although it’s been changing recently, the country still doesn’t rush to be another modern place in Europe.

The country seems to be living in its own time zone, far away from present-day Europe. Diversity of landscapes, complex history and culture make Portugal very different from the rest of Europe. Although some tourist agencies more and more often organize trips to Portugal trying to make there another “famous holiday destination”, there is still more authenticity than commercialism.
Because Portugal is not only well known Algarve region or Lisbon and Porto… There are several other regions such as Minho, Douro, Tras-os-Montes, Beiras (Beira Litoral, Beira Alta, Beira Baixa), Estremadura and Ribatejo, and Alantejo.
Each of them is full of old little charming towns and hidden treasures. You can find here abandoned churches, authentic medieval buildings, get lost in tiny romantic paving streets. Or you can visit some village, go to a real tavern, try local food and the Portuguese green wine. Or you can also see magnificent waterfalls, or even go to desert beaches where you can feel as if you were the first and only person in the world.

But after that, even if you think you’ve seen and tried everything, Portugal still has something more to offer – a possibility of doing nothing. Relaxing, enjoying life and simple things – the sun, delicate ocean breeze and drinking coffee.
Portugal is all this and MUCH MORE, it’s a country you would be in love with from very first moment you arrive.

For the first time I came here in the summer 2007 while doing my eurotrip and backpacking through Europe for two months. Portugal, the forgotten end of Europe, was my goal for the summer. Then I fell in love with it. Like you fall in love once in your life. Unconditionally and unexplainably…

I came back to visit again in winter 2007. After one year spent in China I just couldn’t stop thinking about Portugal. So in 2010 I spent here the whole summer, traveled 4000 kilometers, visited 25 cities and got to know Portugal even better.
Now it’s been five years since I moved here and I still can’t imagine living anywhere else…

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