Tiffany’s Girl

“I don’t want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together. I’m not sure where that is but I know what it is like. It’s like Tiffany’s.”   There has always been this type of girls… no matter where and what year we live in. Smart, clever, stupid girls… Continue reading Tiffany’s Girl

Lisbon, Portugal

Where you cross paths with magic

There is a part of Lisbon which was what we could now call “Lisbon bohema” – Mouraria. Full of narrow streets, old taverns, hidden spots… home to many artists. Also a place where nearly mythical Maria Severa once lived. There are many stories and legends about her. Some more and some less real, but what… Continue reading Where you cross paths with magic

Language, Lisbon, Portugal

The meaning of orange

Oranges were mentioned in Chinese literature already in 314 BC but came to Europe only in the 16th century. Still some years ago in many countries, for example in Poland they were a symbol of prosperity and something associated only with Christmas time and only if you were lucky. But then in 1987 orange trees… Continue reading The meaning of orange

Lisbon, Photo essay

Flowers of Lisbon – photo essay

Depending on the season, Lisbon changes its colors... In the summer the city shines with gorgeous hibiscus, in autumn you can admire stunning pink flowers of silk floss trees. In winter, however, Lisbon blooms in lemons and oranges whose smell literally warms up your heart on chilly winter days. And then comes spring which brings… Continue reading Flowers of Lisbon – photo essay

Cross-cultural Communication, Language

The difficulties in Chinese – English translation – the question of translatability

There are different nations, different ethnic groups, different people. They are countless and they all have their own culture, customs and languages. This is a reason why translation is an important tool in cross-cultural communication. It helps to exchange meanings and explain certain cultural aspects from one language to another. However, it very often appears… Continue reading The difficulties in Chinese – English translation – the question of translatability

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon – my poetry

In his romance “Quantas madrugadas tem a noite” (“How many dawns has the night”), Ndalu de Almeida, a writer from Angola, writing under the pen name Ondjaki beautifully said: “…you do not look for poetry like you look for a diamond, you find it, as you find a rainbow…” In life, we look for many… Continue reading Lisbon – my poetry